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Mostar before the war

A couple of months ago, I acquired a large collection of 35 mm slides from an online seller who apparently specializes in estate liquidation. The collection appears to have belonged to a family from Austria and many of the slides … Continue reading

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On Salinger and psychopathology

Via social media, I recently noted that I had become accidentally immersed in the book Salinger, an exhaustive biography of J.D. Salinger published by David Shields and Shane Salerno. About two-thirds into the work, I realized that my opinion of … Continue reading

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Nexhmije Hoxha on questions of crime and punishment

Over the past few weeks (well, months, actually…) I’ve been slowly transcribing a rare booklet featuring a paper written by Nexhmije Hoxha entitled “Some Fundamental Questions of the Revolutionary Policy of the Party of Labor of Albania About the Development … Continue reading

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A formula…for baby formula

Originally posted on the blog “Society of the Seasons.” I’m sure this will come across as ungrateful and that’s certainly not my intent. I mean, I am very thankful that I left baby Dimitri’s three-month visit to the pediatrician with … Continue reading

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