Society of the Seasons: Introduction

My name is Mike and this is my blog. Well, it’s one of my blogs, anyway. For almost 20 years, I held a full-time job some significant events in my life required me to take a protracted sabbatical and care for my new baby boy and my elderly father in law. As a professional, I’ve worked as an advocate and a teacher. One of the best moments in my life was when I was publically honored by a local domestic violence advocacy organization in 2006 for my work with victims of stalking and abuse.

With baby Dimitri; August 21, 2013

I write extensively, focusing on a rather odd combination of topics: political economy and professional wrestling. I’ve written articles for a Farsi-language newspaper, a British journal of economics and some of the biggest wrestling magazines in the world. I write here and there for a lot of different websites and I’ve also worked for many years on a scholarly website that was once hailed by Nobel Prize-winning Paul Krugman as “the best site for…many economics classics.”

This site serves mainly as a chronicle of my exploits as a stay-at-home dad. My blog at features my writings on a host of other subjects. 

For more about the story of this blog, read the very first post, “When the world falls apart, some things stay in place.”

Mike Bessler, November 2013

The name “Society of the Seasons” is inspired by French revolutionary Louis-Auguste Blanqui (1805-1881) who led a number of organizations aimed at radical social and economic change, including Société des Saisons.

The banner at the top of this page features a portion of Francois Xavier Fabre’s early 19th Century painting Oedipus and the Sphinx. According to legend, The Sphinx presented Oedipus with a riddle when they met at Thebes: “What is that which in the morning goeth upon four feet; upon two feet in the afternoon; and in the evening upon three?” The most famous interpretation of this riddle holds that the answer is man; first as a child, then as an adult and finally in old age (with the assistance of a cane).

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