Soviet photo

Note: Transcription and translation added 8 Aug. 2012

Here’s a Soviet-era photo I recently acquired from someone in the former Lithuanian SSR:

The banner reads: “For our Soviet Motherland.” Here’s the inscription on the back:

The following transcription and translation of the above inscription is provided by my friend Grover Furr:

За отличные успехи в
боевой, политической и специальной
подготовке и личную дициплин-
нированность пядовой Боярский
С.П.  приказом войсковой части 36396
№ 381 от 6 ноября 1962 года награжден
личной фотографической корточкой
снятой при развернутом Знамени части.

   Командир части


For excellent achievement in
military, political, and special

preparedness and personal discipline Private Boyarskii
S.P. by order No. 381 of military unit 36396 of November 6 1962 is
awarded a personal photo postcard with the banner of the unit in the background.

   Commander of the section
          Lieutenant Colonel


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