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Nexhmije Hoxha on questions of crime and punishment

Over the past few weeks (well, months, actually…) I’ve been slowly transcribing a rare booklet featuring a paper written by Nexhmije Hoxha entitled “Some Fundamental Questions of the Revolutionary Policy of the Party of Labor of Albania About the Development … Continue reading

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Scholarly scribbles: “Capital: Volume One”

I recently decided to undertake a serious and close study of Marx’s Capital (vol. I), using a few additional texts and David Harvey’s acclaimed online course to supplement my reading. Although I already had a few copies of the book … Continue reading

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Whither “revisionism”?

Marxist circles on the Internet are some of the scrappiest neighborhoods in cyberspace. It turns out that lefites, when critiquing one another, are almost as dysfunctional as the kind of keyboard warriors who inhabit the so-called “Internet Wrestling Community,” except … Continue reading

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“Quotations From Chairman Mao,” the word cloud edition

Below is a “word cloud” I created using the full text of the Second Edition of Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-tung, excluding chapter titles and citations. Click on the image to view a much larger version of this picture.

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