Scholarly scribbles: “Capital: Volume One”

fowkes-capitalI recently decided to undertake a serious and close study of Marx’s Capital (vol. I), using a few additional texts and David Harvey’s acclaimed online course to supplement my reading. Although I already had a few copies of the book in my personal library (including the International Publishers and Charles W. Kerr editions), I purchased a secondhand copy of the Vintage Books/Ben Fowkes edition so that I could follow along with Harvey’s lectures. When I got the book in the mail, I was happy to see that the previous owner had written some notes here and there in the text. That’s always a bonus to me as I am interested in seeing what others have found important in the text that I am presently reading. In this case, it seems as though the previous owner had either a keen sense of sarcasm or incredibly dry wit, as he or she obviously found a kernel of enjoyment emanating from the verbiage in a short footnote on page 155:

orthodox-radicalismI guess I’m not alone in thinking that it doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor about this stuff.

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