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Armageddon Theater: The Day After

Originally written for Primary Ignition’s “Mayan Apocalypse Survival Guide,” December 21, 2012. By the 1980s, children of the Cold War knew that those “duck and cover” drills were meaningless. We were living in the era of ICBMs and the doctrine … Continue reading

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Soviet photo

Note: Transcription and translation added 8 Aug. 2012 Here’s a Soviet-era photo I recently acquired from someone in the former Lithuanian SSR: The banner reads: “For our Soviet Motherland.” Here’s the inscription on the back: The following transcription and translation … Continue reading

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Hofstadter’s “Number Numbness,” Revisited

Originally posted to the blog “Randomize at Will,” September 2011.  In his May 1982 article, “On Number Numbness,” noted author, Gödel enthusiast and master of all things complicated Douglas Hofstadter eloquently laments a global decline in the appreciation and comprehension … Continue reading

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On Building the Polemic

You don’t have to be a Marxist to appreciate the fact that few people have ever been so skilled at building polemic arguments as V.I. Lenin.  Consider this passage from his 1915 work New Data on the Laws Governing the … Continue reading

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