Mixtape Mixdown: The End – Music to Ring in the 2012 Armageddon

So it looks like my pal Ryan Zienert of theCDP.net is winding down one of the most innovative concepts in the history of the blogosphere, The Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade series. The theme for The CDP Worldwide Mix-Tape Trade 9 is “The End,” marking the final chapter of a four-year experiment in long distance camaraderie and music appreciation.

My offering for the trade is a CD entitled “The End: Music to Ring in the 2012 Armageddon” and the overall concept is a tongue in cheek nod to the to the end-time hysteria that’s picking up as the proverbial “zero hour” approaches. Some of the references are subtlen and otheres are front and center but I think at the end of it all (pun intended) I’ve assembled a funny, yet mildly spooky compilation of mood music for doomasayers.

Opening the collection is an “audio collage” I created entitled “It Begins.” (Listen to the complete track here.) I made this using GarageBand and a few of samples. Most of the loops are standard GarageBand fare, slightly tweaked using effects and filters. I played the keyboard parts directly into GarageBand and I was going for something that felt like the background music from a vintage episode of Tales From the Darkside. The first spoken word sample is a memorable scene from Night of the Living Dead and the wind effect is from soundbible.com and it’s used via Creative Commons license. The final sample is from an online reading of The Book of  Revelation, 14:1-3 (New American Standard Bible). My wife refuses to listen to this track in its entirety.

The cover art for this CD is from the 15th century woodcut of Vlad the Impaler eating before the impaled corpses of his foes.

Here’s the complete track listing for my mix:

1. “It Begins”  Mike B.
2. “Centuries Of Sin”  Probot
3. “You’ll Be Fine”  The Battle Royale
4. “It’s Coming Down”  Danzig
5. “Theme”   Melvins
6. “The School Of Assassins”  Anti-Flag
7. “Crimes Against Humanity” Sacred Reich
8. “Slipping Away”   Black Sabbath
9. “It All Dies Anyway”   The Gits
10. “Aftershock”   Anthrax
11. “Baby Götterdämmerung”   Monster Magnet
12. “You’re All Gonna Die”   Venom
13. “Still Of The Night”   Quiet Riot
14. “Tonight, This All Is Over”   Chris McCoy And The Gospel
15. “The Final Conflict”   Conflict
16. “Dusty Old Dust (So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You)”  Woody Guthrie
17. “Archangel”   Samhain
18. “END”     Big Audio Dynamite

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