Life in Music

As a long-time mixtape enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to create a “soundtrack to my life” mix.  Every time I’ve started down that path thus far, I run into a difficult time consolidating everything down to one 80-minute CD.  Even a two-disc set — which would likely run around 40 tracks or so — just doesn’t seem big enough to include all of the songs that are important to me in various and sundry ways.  In the end, I decided that a big undertaking such as this needs to be done correctly, with proper attention to detail and a good mix of important tunes, obscure tracks and special features.

What I’ve decided, then, is to break things up into segments.  For the first mix, I’m covering 1973 to 1980.  This spans most of my time in eastern Kentucky.  It’s an eclectic collection, for sure. No heavy metal or punk music here, but there are a few country music songs, novelty tunes and a bit of Barry Manilow, too.

Sometimes, it’s hard to say what exactly leads us in one direction or another, with respect to taste in music, politics, beliefs, and life in general.  By the time I get to choosing tracks by Quiet Riot, Kiss and Venom for the later discs, it’ll be a long and winding road, indeed.