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Guilty Pleasures: The Stories, Songs and Symbols of Roderick Taylor’s “Otherworld”

One might effectively argue that there weren’t many good shows on television back in the mid-1980s. At any rate, there certainly weren’t as many shows on TV then as there are today. And because I was only 12 years old … Continue reading

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Scholarly scribbles: “Capital: Volume One”

I recently decided to undertake a serious and close study of Marx’s Capital (vol. I), using a few additional texts and David Harvey’s acclaimed online course to supplement my reading. Although I already had a few copies of the book … Continue reading

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Whither “revisionism”?

Marxist circles on the Internet are some of the scrappiest neighborhoods in cyberspace. It turns out that lefites, when critiquing one another, are almost as dysfunctional as the kind of keyboard warriors who inhabit the so-called “Internet Wrestling Community,” except … Continue reading

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Stephan Denisovich on Fatherhood

I recently started reading Anton Makarenko’s 1937 A Book for Parents. Makarenko is perhaps best known for his work The Road to Life which was originally published in Russian as The Pedagogical Poem. I read the first volume of The … Continue reading

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